USB C PD charging not working

I just bought this Chuwi Aerobook just last November 12, 2019 and it just arrived yesterday, Nov. 21, 2019. I tested all USB Ports and its all working but to when I test the USB TYPE C port for charging it did not work. My aerobook is running Windows 10 1903 out of the box. Is there anyone could help. I think there is a driver missing here.

Try using a charger with another 12V/2A DC interface to test whether the problem is with the computer or the charger.

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The compatible charger must be Power Delivery and with sufficient power.
Some examples of compatible chargers and powerbanks:
Chargers and PD powerbanks already tested with the Aerobook and that work:
Dodocool battery:

I did as I bought the Chuwi adaptor 12V. But still it did not work

If it is not Power Delivery it will not work

Do you think is there a problem with the Driver?. I only got the USB Controllers no UCSI driver.

later I look at my AeroBook controllers and compare

Impossible, that charger is not Power Delivery, it has fast Qualcomm charging, but it will not charge any P.D.

My understanding was that the USB-C in the AeroBook is only a USB-C but no PD functionality. Does that mean that I can charge my AeroBook with the USB-C port as well as with the normal charger?

Yes, you can use the normal charger through its usual input or a P.D. from 40W or a powerbank P.D. in port C

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Today I received the Gvoo recommended here but it doesn’t charge.Is it necessary to configure something?
Thanks in advance

The USB cable must be compatible with the same PD technology and must be connected to the C port of the charger, not the USB A

It worked after changing to a new usb capable cable.Thanks

Hi, i have a Lapbook Pro, and after some win 10 updates, the battery is not charging any more.
Maybe the new release of the drivers battc.sys and CmBatt.sys (ver. 10.0.18362.1 , Winbuild 160101.0800) is the root cause.

In internet i found out this fixed for other notebook, passing simply to a previous release of the driver. I cannot found a previous release …