Aerobook Type-C port not recognized in device manager

Hello! My type-c port not working in device manager after upgrade windows. Where I can get driver for that?

here you have all the AeroBook drivers

AeroBook Drivers

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Thank you! But it’s not help. Windows speaks “best driver already installed”…

you have to deactivate the protection for the installation of drivers not digitally signed and also install the drivers with the option “use disk” not to search automatically

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Ok, thank you! Which driver from your archive I need choose to install in that situation?

You have to, from the device manager, click on the driver that gives the fault - the same as the image - with the right mouse button, properties, driver, update driver, search for software from the controller on the device (the option below ), choose from a list of controllers on the computer, use disk and mark the folder on the AeroBook, where you have unzipped the file that you have downloaded from my link, leaving the option “search in folders”.

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Hi Yokotoka, i’m having The same problem and with no success.

I’m starting to think that ITS a hardware problem.

Did you solve yours?

No, I didn’t solve that With disable drivers sign in safe mode I can’t install that driver. Seems like CHUWI needs release new suitable driver for that. But laptop is charging through usb-type-c without driver and this is main thing what I wanted.

Besides the problem with the driver, i cant charge the battery with the power supply , i dont have an usb-c charger right now but i will buy one to test. Do you have this problem too?

I tried the Usb-c charger and its working indeed but the battery wont charge anyway. It only works with the power supply plugged in.