Driver Battery Chuwi Aerobook CWI510

Good morning,

I had an issue with the battery and I replaced it for a new one. The issue comes due to the fact I do not see the battery ICON and also in the panel of “device administration” the battery driver not appear.

Also in the toolbar I try to activate the “energy icon” however is disable.

How can I downliad the driver of CHUWI AEROBOOK CWI510?
My serial nº of laptop is S256G19110969

Many thanks

There is no additional driver required for a battery. You have a faulty battery, the wrong battery, or it is not installed correctly. Those are the three possibilities.

Thank you for the answer. I bought it from Aliexpress but it is same amper and power capacity as the one I need to replace due to start to swell up.

I just plug in, did not know there could have an error. Now I am writting with aerobook not connected to the net but the issue is I have no idea which is the % that I have it available until the aerobook shut down.

I will try to plug out and in again.

thank you