Driver links request for CWI516

I am writing to request correct Windows drivers for Chuwi eBook model: CWI516
SN: Q32G2515102001382

CPU: Intel Atom Z3736F

Unfortunately those setup & inf files didn’t help with latest Windows 10, 2004 32bit, maybe will work if try integrating into iso file and use USB flashing method as suggested for some other newer models. Currently Device Manager still showing 4 unknown devices. Audio, GPU, Camera not listed in Device Manager + Windows not showing my battery % or Bluetooth connectivity, although driver is installed. Maybe old faulty eBook or just incompatible with the latest OS, original Win8.1 was faulty as well, because Windows Update didn’t work and websites couldn’t load properly but at least I saw battery %.

Is there latest BIOS & Windows 8 or newer Win10 ISO or files for flashing available with correctly integrated drivers to be able to try if they fix my eBook issues?