Chuwi Lapbook Air 14 not booting up, just a black screen with a white dash

When I power on my Lapbook Air 14 it’s just a black screen with a white dash. It will not boot up. At first after I powered it off and then back on a couple of times it would boot up eventually, but now nothing at all, just a black screen with a white dash. I have ordered a new Chuwi Lapbook Pro, but still would like to fix my Lapbook Air and hopefully not have the same thing happen to my new laptop. I’ve noticed that this is quite a common issue with this laptop. If anyone has any suggestions to fix this problem, please let me know. Thanks

You must enter the bios by pressing Esc several times when turning on until the Bios screen appears. In it, with the keyboard arrows, go to the boot tab and check if the Windows boot appears.
If so, chances are you have a problem starting Windows, caused by an update.

Download a pendrive with Windows 10 Home multilanguage (64 Bit), with the media management tool (not ISO) from the official Microsoft site. (You can easily find it by typing “get Windows 10” in the search engine.

Once you have it, since Windows does not start, you must turn on the tablet with the pendrive on and pressing F7 intermittently (depending on the equipment, it may be F12 and you may have to use the Fn key at the same time) until the menu of boot boot selection. In it, choose the pendrive and in the Windows installation menu, advanced tools, startup repair. If you carry out the process you will be able to start Windows.

What if I can’t get in the Bios?

I have tried everything Chuwi has suggested to fix my issue on my Lapbook Air starting just months after having purchased it. Nothing has worked. I also have taken it to 2 different repair shops and they say that they can’t repair it because the Bios will not come up. I will be cancelling my order for a new Chuwi Lapbook Pro if I can’t get better support than what I’ve received so far.