Laptop bricked?

Have used this laptop for a few months now and all was well, until I tried to use my laptop again - I have literally tried everything accessing the bios, boot menu and all I get is the chuwi start up logo, I have tried to plug in an external keyboard and I still cannot get into the bios, trying quite literally every combination I could think of, does anyone have any tips or recommendations or is my laptop bricked some how??

Do not touch anything since everything seems that you only have problems when starting Windows. To solve it you just have to download, with the help of another computer, a Windows 10 pendrive with the media creation tool. Once you have it, you must start the laptop with the pendrive attached and pressing F7 intermittently until the boot selection window appears. In it, select the pendrive and the Windows installation program will start. In it select troubleshoot, advanced, Windows startup repair.

Hi thank you for your reply, but I don’t have a problem with windows 10 - the laptop starts, and then stops on the CHUWI start up screen, I have tried to access bios multiple times but the bios is literally inaccessible.

I have let that start up screen sit for an hour + and the laptop cannot by pass the chuwi start up screen

the bios is accessible by pressing the Esc key intermittently

I cannot access the bios using the Esc key after this fault has occurred, i have literally just tried to do it as soon as the laptop comes on I spam the key and it does not access the bios unfortunately

Write to putting your serial number and asking for the bios of your device. It may be that the bios is damaged and is the reason that the startup does not advance

Hi. I had the same problem as you. To resolve it, I opened the computer and disconnected the battery for one hour (not less). Then, I reconnected the battery and closed the computer. It restarts 2 or 3 times and worked again. It is to reset the bios.
I hope it will work for you…