Help It wont boot properly

Good day chuwi users,

Do you guys know how to fix this kind of error. It will not boot me into windows, it will just keep repeating. I will provide you guys some pictures because I kept search in the internet on how to fix it but it feels like I have missing menus.

hi, i have a similar problem. I changed some settings in bios, restarted the laptop and now it is stuck in boot screen. i can only see the logo, i cant even access the bios. How did u manage to enter in BIOS? Please let me know if you find a solution. I will do the same. Thank you!

Hello, when I turned on my computer it directly just enter the bios, without the need of me pressing anything. You could try spamming the “Delete” button, thats what they say when you want to go to the Bios.

It looks as if your ESC key may be stuck? That is how you enter the BIOS on a Chuwi laptop. I have the LapBook Pro and I just clean-installed Windows 11 on it, and thats how I got into BIOS, by tapping the ESC key.