Hi 10x Bios reset

After changing boot settings to linux in bios my tablet won’t power on.
Is it possible to reset bios settings?

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It has been commented in other threads that you don’t have to touch anything in the Bios to boot with Linux.
Chuwi does not support the installation of systems other than the official one and the modifications you make will be at your risk.
Now you must flash the Bios with an external programmer. You must request the Bios from service@chuwi.com by writing your serial number

Thank you.
I wish i knew it before.

Chuwi hi10 x does not have a battery for bios? And Chuwi hi10 x does not have button combination for resetting bios?

Probably hi10 x have points on main board to reset bios, but i’m not sure.

Solution.Disassemble the tablet and disconnect the battery for a few seconds. Then plug it back in. It will restart.

Unfortunately, that didn’t help.

New bios chips use nvram. By disconnecting the battery you can’t reset all settings.

This is Hi 10X mainboard. I can’t see any pins to connect… Only RTC_CN1 i think it is not the bios.

I experienced the same problem after changing the OS selection, but in my choice of linux, it works fine, a problem occurs when choosing MSDOS, the black screen won’t boot. the solution is very easy, using an external monitor. long press the power button until the tablet turns off, connect the monitor to micro hdmi, turn on the tablet, then press del to enter bios, then change the OS SELECTION as before.
I hope the problem is solved

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