Reset BIOS. Load defaults

Hello. Help me please somebody. I need to load bios defaults, but keyboard is not working and USB ports not working too. Maybe some PWR + Vol -/+ combination? Bios not support touch screen unfortunately .

In the bottom i see RTC_CN1 contacts. RTC (real time clock) and what is cn1? Need to know what should i connect…

Probably this is confidential information. What is voltage on left pin of the connector when tablet is turn on? 3V or 3.3V? Probably if you short this pin to ground bios will be reset.

Good question. I will check it in hour. I think chuwi should release some GUI bios configuration tool.

There is no signal in those pins (RTC_CN1)

If the bios was not reset after disabling the battery, then it uses nvram and you can not reset it. Or there is a testpoint on the board to reset the bios.

Yes it is in nvram. I did not saw any points marked as reset or something. Is it possible to flash bios from the OS? I tried to use cmos De-animator 3 it did not worked…

Chuwi did not provide bios or programs for flashing, most likely it will not work to flash from the system. Contact probably they know how to solve this problem.

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Thanks anyway! :handshake:

Ok! I give up… :face_with_head_bandage: Now i need a bios dump. Can anyone share it?

Solved! If Windows is steel starting possible to flash bios from the OS