Chuwi hi10X BIOS RESET for bricked units

Good day, my chuwi hi10 x got no display, only red light while charging, no logo nor bios.
Got time to search on YouTube. Then came up with this, really works.

translate Time needed: 1 minute. Make sure the laptop is working First of all, make sure that the laptop can still be turned on. This is done by holding the power button for a few seconds. The red LED on the edge of the screen should light up briefly and then go out again. As soon as the LED lights up, the power button can be released. If the LED goes on and off again, the chances are good that the reset will work. Switch on and call BIOS with [Del] How the laptop is switched on was described in the previous step. With this model, the BIOS is called up by pressing the [Del] key before the operating system boots. This means that shortly after switching on the tablet, as soon as the red LED lights up and goes out again, the [Del] key must be pressed. The best thing to do is to press [Del] frequently in succession from when the red LED came on until shortly after the red LED went out. Press the key sequence [F3], [Enter], [F4], [Enter] In order to reset the settings in the BIOS you have to press the keys [F3], [Enter], [F4], [Enter] one after the other. The [F3] key is linked to the standard settings. By pressing it, the confirmation window is called up, which is confirmed with [Enter]. The [F4] key is linked to the “Save and restart” operation. Pressing this again calls up a confirmation window, which is confirmed with [Enter]. from German

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Hi Cerinohj28, on this page, I knew about Hi 10 Go be the same Hi 10 X but processor. Both run Windows 10 also.
I´m wondering if could be possible the same procedure work on my tablet too.
I have Hi 10 Go (N5100) version on same situation, no display.
When I press pwr button, the red led blinks just one time very fast. I´m not sure if it behaves like the description you translated from german. If I keep holding pwr after the red led blinked, the tablet and keybord blue led blinks too. I tried to repeat the steps but no lucky until now. On the Hi 10 Go keyboard case, I have to combine pressing Fn + Del, Fn + F3 and Fn + F4. I´d apreciate any suggestion.

y si no tienes teclado?

y si no tienes teclado?

@LOMOSI, I’m not sure if it works, but you could try use an usb-a keyboard with usb-c adaptor.

Doesnt work for chuwi hi10xr, with stock chuwi keyboard, here is the original source of the information: