Boot Device order

Good day everybody. I am using my Lapbook SE with Linux installed on a pen drive. Every time I need to press the ESC button and change the boot order. I tried to save the preferred boot order but it doesn’t seem to work. I know that some other brand have a fast boot order/device selection by pressing for example F2 or F10. I tried all the option but I can’t find it on my SE. Does anybody know if there is such an option on the SE laptop???
Thank you all for the help. Cheers Robby


With F7? Or F8? Have you just try?

Hai provato?

Hi Max thx for the message. I will try today. Question: do I need to press F7 or F8 alone or together with the Fn button???
Waiting for the reply. Cheers Robby

Tax good evening. Just a quick message to let you and the community know that as suggested by you, I have tried Fn+F7 and it works…whoaaaa. I am so happy. I can boot now Debian from the USB stick by changing quick the boot device order without going to the bios every time. Thank you for your help. Take care…Cheers ROBBY…

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Some strange problem with the BIOS. Have you tried looking for BIOS updates? In theory, it should help with the solution of the problem.

Very happy for you… Have a nice days

Im happy for you. Nice days.