How to go into the BIOS setup screen

Just received my LapBook Pro a few hours back. There is no user manual but only a piece of booklet with nothing on the use of the lapbook.

How do I access the BIOS setup screen?

Update :
Managed to access the BIOS setup screen by pressing F7 at booting. However, when I try to get back to loading Windows 10, it brings back to the BIOS setup screen. Now stuck at this. Anyone can help?

If you have hurried to produce a problem.Surely you’ve modified something in the Boot tab of the Bios and changed the boot preference order.You should not modify anything in the Bios if you do not have the necessary knowledge since you can get a brick.
Go to the Boot tab of the Bios and in the boot preference line, select Windows, save the changes and exit

Hi all,
To access the BIOS, just press the ESC key.