Bricked my HiBook Pro, need BIOS image


So I bricked my HiBook Pro couple of weeks ago, I sent an email to 12 days ago and have not yet got an answer back.

I found BIOS files for the non Pro HiBook but they don’t seem to work on my Pro model, I got a CH341A BIOS programmer to flash with.

My main frustration is that I bricked it while trying out different BIOS settings, when I changed RAM mode from Single channel to Dual channel it didn’t boot back up and there doesn’t seem to be any way to reset the BIOS without re-flashing it with an image file.

So can someone please get back to me with a BIOS image for this model.

Thank you.


Don’t worry, be happy with Chuwi… :rofl:

Sorry, maybe it will help to wake up admin and support :+1:

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My Lord and Savior! Thanks man, I tried the 234 one and it works like a charm :slight_smile:
Is 231 the Original BIOS and the 234 a newer one that is perhaps modified?

I have no information about the versions of the bios, but since the board version is the same (C109K), I will assume that 234 is an updated version of the 231.

Alright, anyway the 234 worked. Thanks!!

Hello me too with bios bricked…

What is the way to flash a new bios? mi hi pro is in a boot loop with screen totally black but with retrolight on…

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How to flas BIOS PLEASE?

Guys, use Google. You need to flash using a BIOS Flasher like the one in this video, I got mine from Ebay for like 5bucks. I used Linux for flashing because I found it easier then having to deal with Windows drivers.