Need Bios to reflash an unresponsive Hi10 Pro

Hello, i read in several Forums that i can ask here to get the correct bios for this dualboot hi10 pro. I made all tests i can imagine. I can feel the heat from the cpu as i power it on, but i cant get any image.

So there is no existing Bios that i can reflash with my programmer?

thank you very much :slight_smile:

can you upload it again? I need to reflash it again… dont know why it breaks itself if its not used for some time…

thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I need the bios for my Chuwi CWI529. Serial # is PQ64G42160902486

I bricked my HI 10 PRO and need the bios. My serial # is HQ64G42170103174

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Thank you very much!

the fact that at the end of the serial number the numbers do not coincide a little, isn’t it scary?

It doesn’t matter, the main numbers are HQ64G421701

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I will be much obliged if you can help me get the bios for my Chuwi CWI529. Serial # PQ64G42160804100

Thank you very much in advance.



Is there anybody willing to help me, please, with the bios and images for my tablet?


Hello all, I have a HI10 HQ64G42180105508 that does not turn on after updating the bios. Can you send me bios file to write again?, thanks in advance.

Hello, i need bios for CHUWI HI10, serial is : PQ84G42161101539.
it’s c109s+, the c106 is not compatible, thanks

can i get the bios for this CW1526