I need BIOS for 2 DualBoot Hi10 Q64G42151200043 & Q64G42151200290


I bought 7 Chuwi tablets in the past, 5 Hi10 and 2 Hi10 Plus. I have 2 death Hi10 right now. I tried everything I read, but i get nothing. There’s no charging light and they don’t turn on.
My last hope before throw the tablets into the trash cab is try to reprogram the bios, I ordered the CH341A programmer and the 1,8V adapter to try it but I need the BIOS.bin file of these serial numbers Q64G42151200043 & Q64G42151200290 of the DualBoot Hi10 tablet. I’m afraid that this sudden death can happen to the rest of the tablets and then don’t know how to repair them.

Thank you in advance.

Chuwi Hi10 64 BIOS Serial Number 5000+
https://mega.nz/#!U8w0DKDK!uh5pw … srGHHPCXp7kjxK0h9Sk

Thank you I saw this in other post but I was not sure if it was for these serial numbers.
I understand (because of the size and structure) that the bios file for chip reprogramming is that called C106_B101UAN.608, isn’t it?
Thank you again.


:+1: I’ll try it when the programmer and the voltage adapter arrive.
Than kyou.

Hello again,

Thank you for your help. I recovered my tablets reprogramming the bios chipset.
The service@chuwi.com sent me two bios files, one was yor 5000+ bios file, with this one I recovered the charging light but it didn’t turn on properly, only appeared the chuwi logo on the screen. After that nothing.
Then I used this other bios file they sent me and now the tablet is working correctly again!

I forget to say that with this BIOS file I only have windows now. There’s no bootloader between android or windows. However, with the 5000+ bios file It doesn’t turn on.

As i know, dualboot hi10 has serial number Q64G421611+ and for dualboot you need V400 bios.

well I have 5 Chuwi Hi10 all are Dual Boot (Android+Windows) and these two are Q64G421512XXXXX. However I can try this version of the bios. Do you have the file of V400?

V400 .1
V400 .2

Thank you.
I’ll try them (probably this weekend) and I’ll post which one works on my serials.