Dead chuwi. Need bios chuwi hi10 plus cw1527 LQ64G42160809221

Where i find BIOS. BIN file for My Chuwi hi10 plus seri Cw1527 LQ64G42160809221?

Hello Ade, check here :heart:,lz5jskxmcqn8euw,izvch2f2wbvhiao,cyhacnx1v1cxjv3,5s3aoyzkirbtunq,bcvpe2zejfpmxxo/shared

thanks bro… but i can’t find a bios file. there are windows file only on folder.

can i install OS windows/android without bios on dead device? thx for your help before.

i have link bios from

this file for intel Z8300, i think this is suitable for my device with the same processor but after i flash to my chuwi via usb programer ch341a, my chuwi still not turn on. do you have solution?