Camera error code 0xA00F4244 after obs

No clue how that happened, but that is what I get[Image](

check your device’s camera device code in device manager and google it what it is… mine on m-3 8100Y is AVStream 2500 camera.

the funny thing is i found the drivers online on M$ update catalogue servers, and yet M$ doesn’t include them in windows update, nor are they present in any driver updater, however the latest ones from M$ update catalogue for AVStream 2500 did the trick for me… the image is damn ugly but it works.

the whole driver issue is because at certain point M$ changed driver scheme for imaging devices, and certain older drivers no longer work with zoom, teams, obs etc. they need to be updated… however not all devices have compatible drivers the AVStream thermal imaging processor 2400 are out of luck, hovever the AVStream 2500 can be downloaded manually via M$ update catalogue, unpacked via 7zip, and installed via device manager. easy peasy.