Camera sensor OV2680 OV5648

Hello! i have CHUWI Ubook X (s\n YUbokXCW3H231002334) , i replace win11 to win10.
Now i have only one problem - not working camera sensor OV2680 OV5648.
In device manager error STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE.
I try many drivers (from original support site too, not signed ), but result the same.
All another devices ok.

I think may be i need some additional software ? Some additional like special chipset drivers or special utils ?

Thank you!

Give me your serial number please


I send everything



Thank you!
But in drivers link have not drivers for my devices.
Here is mxc6655 sensors.

That is weird as those are the drivers for your serial number. I will ask…

@Dmitry42 Try this:

Yes, this for my devices, but problem still the same as in my first post.
When i install drivers OS ask my "Use unsigned drivers or not ? " - I choose USE. But after installing i see error message like on screenshot
In device manager error STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE.

II asked and they told me it should work
Can you try to to install from here?

I have not this folder (corebox\i5 8259U.…) in your links.
Can you send it for me ?

That picture is a sample on how to install it.
@manonegra222 can you try to explain better?

ok, now i understand you.

Yes, i do like you wrote - i add drivers manually, but i have error like on my picture in upper post.

Looks like driver installed, but device cant start with error STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE.

So i think may be its need additional software or driver for power managment or somting like this ?

I can give access via Anydesk may be somebody can help me online, or may be you can see what i mean and what i do when i install drivers.

What about installing the system completely with windows 11?,Why did you want to install windows 10? because we cannot access your computer from here.Originally our drivers are for windows 11, not 10. So maybe that is the issue.

I use PC with some of special diagnostic software and some time I use it in corporate network but original win11 home not store network logins and passwords.

Thank you! later I test it with win 11.