Can't connect stylus pen h3

Hi. I can’t connect the pen with the tablet. Can anybody help me? tyy

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Dear Chuwi,
How about answering this question? I have same problem. I have also replaced a new battery. problem not solved

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Hey @ChuwiService any answer?

I have the same Problem. pen H3. Battery checked, absolut no reaktion with HiPad X, Unisoc T618, Android 11,0, 6GB, LTE.
Does it need any Installation, Driver,… ???

Please Help

I just bought a Chuwi HiPad X tablet thinking that I could draw with a stylus, as I could see when I read about this model. But it hasn’t been like that, the stylus doesn’t work, it doesn’t draw, it doesn’t open apps, it doesn’t do anything! I spoke to the seller and asked him why the H3 doesn’t work when everywhere I see ads of the tablet with the H3, and he told me that Chuwi have updated the tablet and now it doesn’t support the stylus! WTF
And I don’t understand how Chuwi can update a tablet to limit its functions.
I would like to know if what the seller told me is true and if Chuwi plans to release an update to fix this bug.
Does anyone know anything about this topic?

On the official website of Chuwi you can see the tablet with the stylus. So is it false advertising?

Hi @ChuwiService something about this? I want to draw with my Hipad, I need to draw with it