Usable pen for hiPad X


Is there any usable or compatible pen for HiPad? The HiPen3 is clearly not working. Has anyone tried a different pen?

Hello, Hipad X will work with Stylus H3. Make sure battery is charge and try putting the battery + toward inside and reverse it!

No…? Not supported at all… And I couldn’t find it in the official shop.

I tryed to use hipe h7 and nothing, after y bought a hipen h3 AND nothing!!! :sob::sob: I wasted my time AND Money buying pen!!pls!! I neeed answer too

I am facing the same problem. There is no clear information which stylus pen is working with Hipad X. In Internet you find information that both h3 and h6 should work.
And users post that a SW Update of Chuwi caused that the Hipen h3 is not usable any more…

So, dear Chuwi support, what is the current status about using a stylus pen with Hipad X??