Hipad X pen support


I would like to know which pens are supported by this tablet, on the promotional video it seems it is used with the h3 pen, I just would like to be sure before purchasing it. Also I would like to know if the hi6 and hi2 pens are supported.

Thanks in advance

i wanna buy this tablet too, but i could barely find any info on the internet. and this offical fourm dosen’t even have a section for this tablet.

hey, just got my HiPad X (came w/ a keyboard and a HiPen H3). From what I’ve tested, it seems like the tablet doesn’t actually support pressure-sensitive input (i.e. the stylus works just like a very thin finger - neither of the programs I had used fine with Huawei and Samsung active pens seem to react on pressure).

In addition, when enabling “S-Pen only” mode in some of those apps (used to prevent accidental drawing by fingers/palms) - they don’t react on stylus input at all.

I have had the same problem with my Hipad X and H3 pen it came with - there are a few apps that work with it (e.g. ArtFlow) but none of the mainstream ones do.
I have written to Chuwi support about it - but they told me there is nothing wrong with it, that it doesn’t register as a stylus in any of the big note-taking and drawing apps. This means to me we are SOL - next time I’ll know not to buy Chuwi, if I want to be able to properly draw.

but hi 3 pen also support some chuwi windows tablet, with plam rejection and pressure support. is it possible that the hardware is great but firmware suck?

Yes, but with manufacturers like Chuwi, this is almost always the case - they might give you something decent, but it is a coin flip if they are going to actually support it from the software side.

I sadly don’t have any other tablets with pressure support that I could test the pen with - I bought this Hipad X specifically to start experimenting with the drawing tablets, but I have learned my lesson: not to cheap out and buy something that not many people will use. I still hope that they will fix this with an upcoming update, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

i’m gonna try to build my own android system(or chrome os) from bsp on github. i just send an email to customer service for stock firmware. if they could send me that, i could resure my tablet no matter what happend

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this firmware is wasting the good hardware. some tablet like Lenovo Duet, has much worse hardware but with more than 300$ price. nearly 2X of this tablet, which takes me 170 bucks, for those chinese company like chuwi, price is basically the only thing for them to compete with giant companies

they dont even have enough people to maintain the official forum. i mean, they probably should open a individual section for their new flagship tablet hipad x.

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If you write to service@chuwi.com with your serial number, they will send the stock firmware to you in a few days. I guess they don’t want it public, but will happily give it to you if you ask for it.
If you have any luck with the custom android, please let me know! It would be awesome.

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That’s a great plan! If you think I can help, contact me!

I am thinking about building a browser extension which enables pressure sensitivity for all websites, if it is not supported already. This would enable a lot of web applications.

Do keep us posted please :slight_smile:

I bought the pen and keyboard combo thinking the pen had full functions with this tablet and was greatly disappointed it didn’t. It’s pretty much a glorified dumb stylus that wastes a battery if you want to use it.
Also USB OTG is disabled when docked to the keyboard.

I highly doubt I’ll buy another Chuwi product.