Hipad x pressure sensitivity doesn't work

So my sister wanted a tablet to draw on, an android one to be exact, and because my parents doesn’t want to spend to much money we decided to go with the chuwi hipad X. We bought the version that comes bundled with a stylus and keyboard. It finally arrived today after a bunch of hassle with shipping and delays and even an unexpected import fee of 80$. My sister was happy. So i showed her clip studio paint, but the pressure sensitivity wasn’t working. So i tried ibis paint, and it couldn’t find the stylus. I tried going to the settings to see if there was something there i needed to enable, nope, nothing.

Reading other posts here i can’t find any solutions, only that it works on certain apps. Incredibly disappointed, which is sad cause i really like my Ubook X, but now i am seriously reconsidering supporting this company ever again.

Not only that but they have no live chat, phone support and they have not responded to my email i sent out 6 days ago, my messages on messenger beyond the first one has not been answered and information not readily available (like products from china only shipping after the 20th)

Hello, I don’t quite understand what you mean, is the tablet unable to use the stylus?

the stylus is useable, but doesnt have the pressure sensitivity that was promised. Now i have been having more issues with the pad randomly shutting off and refusing to start until i unplug, hold the off button for a while, the volume up button + on/off button and/or pressing the reset. I have had to go into the boot menu to do a fast boot to start it a few times cause it continiusly freeze while booting.