Can't get hdmi signal after uninstalling intel graphics driver

I saw that I can upgrade the current intel graphics driver on my Larkbox. I went trough the process in the intel driver support assistance where I came to the point the installation window opened up. What I was immediately wondering about was the fact that it wanted to uninstall the driver first. This never came up before so I uninstalled the driver with the intention that I’m be able to reinstall it afterwards, but that was not the case. After uninstalling there was no way where I could get another display output. I tried different monitors, hdmi cables and remote control software (Anydesk) to get access to it but no luck. The Larkbox is still booting up Windows as I can see it is online on Anydesk. Also I couldn’t get it to access the BIOS. I tried it with the delete key but no luck either. Can anyone help me out on that?

Thanks in advance.