Larkbox and Wireless HDMI Extenders - No Video Output

Hi fellow Larkbox sufferers.

After finally getting this kit stable I attempted to use it with two different wireless HDMI extender kits. Both kits do not seem to HDMI handshake? I have no video output while connecting to the HDMI extenders but if I plug it into an actual monitor or display with an HDMI port I do see output.

I’ve seached the webz for similar behavior with other devices and have come up empty handed, does anyone have any hints so I can get the Larkbox to output video to my wireless HDMI extenders?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or fixes.

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Dis you try witch a video capture card? Same behavior??

I do have one, but it is an external with 3.5 LCD embedded, not sure it would be same/same since the unit has a output screen local to itself. Will report back though. Thanks.

Hi, same behavior. This external card has an external pass-thru HDMI. I plugged it into my TV and then the Larkbox started outputting video to the external capture card. I have two sets of HDMI extenders, one has pass-thru HDMI like the external card and the other does not. I will see if it behaves the same with the one extender set. Another test I can perform is, I have an HDMI to RF modulator. I can see what happens there as well. Any ideas based on the feedback presented here so far?

Tried the HDMI extender that has the pass-through port and unlike the external capture card with 3.5 LCD screen, when I connected a video monitor on the other end of the cable there was still no output to the extender or monitor

Using the same set up I tried connecting a Latte Alpha SBC to the HDMI Extender and was able to see video even during BIOS POST I was going to consider it being an Intel driver issue until I saw this. Anyone have hints for BIOS tweak?