We need LarkBox chipset drivers

I just got my LarkBox, and like so many, ended up having to reinstall Windows from scratch when their install bluescreened after running updates. Now I have a single bang in Device Manager, for “PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller.” CHUWI really needs to make the necessary downloads available. Anyone know where I might find the driver I need to fix this bang?

Did you check what they posted on Indiegogo’s page? Maybe proper drivers are available in there…
(I’ve installed from scratch on a new SSD,so I was able to grab drivers from the old eMMC…

Yep, good call. Comments for the campaign include a link to a new installable system image, so I’m building that now and will give that a shot later. Thanks for the push.

Build instructions: http://chuwi.mediafire.com/file/iyh9p1b2n5zc5wy/windows_installation_system_tutorial.docx/file

Image: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ayqqfgkztcy8g/OS_ssd

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You’re welcome,keep us informed if this ‘update’ is valuable :wink:

Working a treat so far; I was able to get everything updated without it hanging on me, and the system as a whole seems to be running a lot cooler than it was last night, so if that was released to address fan issues, I’d say it succeeded…

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Could you detail what you did with their image to get it on the SSD? Using it as they prescribe it just auto-installs on the eMMC. I’ve got a working install on my SSD, but Windows is stuck without drivers for the “PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller”

If you still have your eMMC partition, then you can “Update driver” from Devices Manager and pick the drivers ‘locally’ from /Windows/System32. At least that’s what I did successfully :wink:

Yeah, I cant, because I wanted it on the eMMC. I prefer keeping the OS and apps separate from my own data.

I’m downloading that zip, basically it’s a modified windows 10 image with the drivers?
Btw how come there no trace of J4115 on intel’s website?

EDIT: I gave up downloading the zip, 13 hours download is a bit too much…

That should be the Intel Dynamic Thermal blah blah blah…

Here are the original Windows 10 drivers (eMMC version) extracted from Chuwi image for your reference.