Driver downloads for Larkbox X 2023 (solved)

Are driver downloads available for larkbox x 2023, N100.




I also need the drivers for this model, the one with the N100 CPU. I have tried to install Windows 10 and Windows 11 from zero, but some drivers are missing, such as the audio driver.

I hope someone will upload and share a backup with all the default drivers. Is there any official website to download the drivers? I have not found any.


They will send you a link to the drivers

Thanks for the idea. I just sent an email asking for them. Have a nice day!

While waiting for a reply to the email from CHUWI, I have had access to another Larkbox just like the one I have (Intel N100) and using this command line I have pulled the factory drivers.

Terminal / CMD:
dism /online /export-driver /destination:“C:\driverbackup”

When I ran the command line it had not even connected to the internet, so they are the original ones. I leave here a link so you can download them if you need them. I have put them in the other CHUWI and it has recognized all the devices without problems.


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dragon555, your driverbackup is a life saver. It helps me to get rid of all my unknown devices in the Device Manager. Great help.
PS: I create a new ID just so I can thank you :slight_smile:

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You are very welcome. The purpose of this post is to share so that we all can recover the drivers :smiling_face:

Kedves Sárkány555!

Megmondanád nekem, hogy ebből a letöltött 41 mappából melyik hivatott arra, hogy megoldja a “LarkBox X 2023 Intel N100” gépem hang illesztőprogram problémáját?

/HDMI csatlakozással sem tudok hangot varázsolni a Strong 50" SRT50UC4013 UHD 4K típusú LED TV tévémre/
(bár meg kell, hogy mondjam…nem vagyok egy kimondottan nagy informatikus)

Nagyon megköszönném neked:

In order to provide the Drivers, always give us the Serial Number of your model. and the exact model. Look back on the label on the back :). So we can check which ones are the most suitable:
Is possible @manonegra222 can help you with the Driver sound of the HDMI?

Nem szükséges tudni, hogy melyik mappában van a szükséges illesztőprogram, csak kövesse pontosan ennek az oktatóanyagnak a 8. pontját: -on-a-dualboot-tablet-intel-processors/1555


I also did a clean install of Windows 11. Could you tell me how to get audio to work? When I use the driver posted here it installs audio, but audio still doesn’t work. Thanks!

Edit: Nevermind, it worked!

Thanks a lot for this! Did a clean installation of Windows 11 and without you my day would’ve been ruined!