Emmc Driver Larkbox

Hi all, does anyone have the bundled larkbox emmc driver? I need to reinstall windows 10 on the emmc. Thank you. The chuwi after sales group doesn’t provide software support unfortunately.

22/10/2020 : I installed Windows 10 with Rufus on a micro sd. I installed both Win10 Insider build 20231 and Win10 build 1909. In both cases the system doesn’t see the larkbox emmc. Note that the Insider version has quietly updated and restarted, the 1909 version has been updated and at boot it gives black screen.
Is it possible that the emmc has burned out? It isn’t even seen by linux.


On the September 11 update of the LarkBox campaign on Indiegogo, CHUWI provided links to a OS update for the fan. I used this update to install on my LarkBox (128 SSD) and it installed the Windows 10 OS on to my eMMC instead of the SSD.

Maybe you could use that CHUWI installer to install on the eMMC.

Here is the link to the tutorial - http://chuwi.mediafire.com/file/iyh9p1b2n5zc5wy/windows_installation_system_tutorial.docx/file

Here is the link to the OS Installer -

Good Luck

Thanks, unfortunately this is what appears to me during the procedure. It stops and doesn’t go on.

I had that same error when I deactivated the eMMC in the BIOS. I attempted to force the installer to go to the SSD and it just stopped right there.

Are you sure all of the settings in the BIOS are correct for the eMMC?

Go to BIOS>CHIPSET>South Cluster Configuration>SCC Configuration. The picture below are my settings on my LarkBox and the eMMC works fine. In fact, I installed Ubuntu Mate 20.04 on a partition of the eMMC and Windows 10 is on the SSD. I can dual boot between the two operating systems.

Good Luck

Hello, I am just about to get my Larkbox, and also an SSD, it will have windows on the eMMC drive and I want to put Ubuntu on the SSD, for a dual boot system, how do I go about this and are there any settings I need to change in Bios…?.