Larkbox without E-MMC?

I bought a second Larkbox, while i was very satified with first one.

On the new one, the M2 SSD slot is blocked by a 128GB system drive and so i can’t use it for my own extension. The EMMC can’t be selected in BIOS (boot) also. So the Larkbox is useless for me and not delivered as advertized.

How can i use the built in EMMC for the main system ?

OK I thought it was just me reading the information wrong. Mine is the same and I can’t boot to external USB.

I’m curious how is that even a thing “the M2 SSD slot is blocked by a 128GB system drive”. How does the 128GB eMMc blocking the M2 port?
I have the model where the eMMc is on one side of the board while the M2 port is on the other side, accessible directly by unscrewing the bottom case of the unit.

can you upload o picture that clearly show the new design/problem?

There is no eMMC built into the motherboard like there ads claim. So they put the 128gb eMMC in the expansion slot so there is no way to add your own expansion drive. So basically they lied about the machine and we are stuck with this puny, insignificant drive space. Their selling point on this Larkbox was being able to add a 1TB to it…lies!

Add some pictures, man. PICTURES!

Also, if the eMMC is inserted in M.2 socket and so you can’t also put a SSD, just remove the eMMC and put your SSD in place.
In fact, doing so is desirable since SSD is faster and larger, and also have a larger life span.

And let me repeat it - show us PICTURES.

How in the hell is the USB blocked by eMMC, especially when one is internal(eMMC) and the other one is external(USB)?

The same with you - show us PICTURES.