Larkbox - new install on SSD

Hey guys,

I had to do a new install on my Larkbox, used the SSD image version posted here before (from Mediafire), but the install always goes to the eMMC disk, never to the SSD, as it doesn’t allow me to choose where to install.
Tried to disable eMMC in the bios, but I get an error on the installation.
Tried to install using a fresh version of windows, using the creation media tool, selected the SSD as the disk to be installed, but after the first restart, I get an error, actually posted here before by someone else.
Also tried the Macrium Reflect to clone the eMMC disk to the SSD, but no luck, doesn’t detect as a having the MBR I believe.
Did anyone managed to re-install windows on SSD? If yes, how?


When reading the forums and feedback on the Indiegogo that people were having issues with upgrading, I decided to take an image of the SSD before I even turned on the Larkbox. It came in handy because that media tool provided by Chuwi installed the Win 10 onto the eMMC. I could not get it to install on the SSD. That media tool also deleted the Win 10 OS on the SSD.

Luckily, I had that back up image file and was able to restore to the SSD. I did install the fan driver and the Intel Video driver. I have not updated the Win 10 beyond 1904.

If you know how to clone from img file, I could add it to a g-drive. While the img file uncompressed is 256 GB, the zip file is just shy of 10GB.

(FYI, I used Ubuntu-mate 20.04 on a live USB to create the img file of the SSD. When I did that, I placed a 60x60 usb fan on top of the larkbox to force air into the intake to avoid overheating until I got the fan control working.)

Please let me know if you would be interested in that img file.

Hello, if it’s okay with you
I would like to download the img file.
Could you give me a link?
If you can help me
Thank you from now :slight_smile:

In the BIOS, disable all boot devices except the SSD. Remove the M.2 and try the install again.