Change Mini PCI-E WIFI card with Option 3G-WIFI combi card in adapter

My questions:
(1) Is the (Intel 3165)WIFI card of the Chuwi Minibook situated in a mini PCI-Express slot on the motherboard?

If yes,
(2) Is it possible to change this standard wifi card and put in a
Mini PCI-E Adapter with SIM Card Slot in it.

With a voice-supported ‘Option M06712 Half Mini PCI-E 3G WWAN WCDMA UMTS GSM GPS EDGE WiFi Wireless Card’ in it?

If I would be able to make this change, it would become possible to make regular voice dailer GSM calls, text(SMS), surf on 3G and on WIFI with this mini laptop.

It would actually make a powerfull Windows 10 based smartphone from this minilaptop.

Now I carry constantly a large 17inch laptop with me to litterly everywhere beceause I need it for photgraphy-editing and work.
I do not own a smartphone and I do NOT want to carry a android or IOS device with me for the exception moments I would make a phone call.

If this would be possible, I would definitly consider buying the minilaptop!

I just want only one single device to carry always with me that runs on windows 10.
That should not be strange, but people react like you’re an alien when you want to make regular GSM voice dailing calls with you’re laptop and the industrie makes it technically very difficult to do so… :upside_down_face:

If it is not possible has chuwi other small mini-laptops/tablets where this modem card can be put in?

Thanks in advance

The Option GTM671wfs or GTM679WFS WLAN + WWAM + SIMCARD-slot combo miniPCI-E card would eliminate the need for an adapter.

option_gtm671wfs_underside option_gtm671wfs_upside

Has chuwi products on wich it could be installed?

The WiFi adapter is an Intel AC 3162 M.2 1261 module and is soldered to the motherboard.

That said, the MiniBook does have a M2 PCIe slot, in which you could presumably install the 3G card… Antenna routing would be a serious issue, however.

thanx for the answer.

That’s interesting.

So because the 128 GB eMMC 5.1 is soldered on there is one free M.2 PCI.E-socket that usually is used by an SSD.

You would be able to use this M.2 -socket usually used by SSD for a M.2 WWAN card.
But there arent 2 M.2 sockets so you would not be able to combine the soldered eMMC, an extra SSD and a M.2 WWAN card?

So I would need to find a ‘Voice dailer enabled’ M.2 3G/4G WWAN modem card with a SIMcocket on it for it to work?