CHUWI 10 PRO Android version stay 5.0 ? can send us the new update

Hi, I have CHUWI 10 PRO, please do you can send us the new update of Android.
We are in 2020 the new is Android v10, it’s not logically to stay with android version v5 and a lot of applications not accept this version of android as the files attached. :frowning:

Thank you !

Hi10, Hi10Pro and Hi10Plus are equipped with the Intel X5 Z8300 and Z8350 processor.
Intel stopped releasing Android drivers in 2016 for these processors, and for everyone else, which meant the impossibility of upgrading to versions later than Android 5 and therefore ending dualboot devices.
You can only find cooked versions of Android 6 on CM13 or Lineage OS