H10pro Android version

Hello, everyone.

I’ve Android version 5.1, I want to upgrade it to version highly a lot of applications don’t accept my version.

Anyone here can help me I want to do it with regular and efficient way.

thank you

Unfortunately there were no upgrades of the Android system for this processor since Intel stopped supplying drivers for Android from its Atom processors, in fact from any processor so it is not possible.
As an unofficial answer:
It is only possible to install a cooked version of Android 6 called Lineage OS or CM13: http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/378038-devrom2010-lineageos-13-android-601-for-chuwi-vi10-plus-hi10-plus-hi10-pro-hibook-hibook-pro-hi12/?page=24&tab=comments#comment-2286253

You should check with your tablet serial number if it is compatible