Firmware upgrade

Is there an official firmware upgrade for CHUWI Hi10? Now I have Android 5.1. But I mean official, not like Cyanogen… And it it is, for what version and were to download it from and how to install it?
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Intel stopped android support, so there is no updates.

So do you want to say that there are no other tablets with Intel processor and Android over 5.1!!! Is this a joke? I know this is a forum, but I would have expected somebody competent to answer…

Other companies could release android 5.2+ but now there will be no updates or companies will have to port the drivers themselves without any support from intel.
I found only 1 tablet with android 5+ , it’s Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 PRO.

intel did not succeed in the market of mobile devices and ceased to produce mobile processors and atom processors, since then the drivers on Atom CPU for android from intel themselves did not come out, as a result updating the android on these chipsets was suspended.

You can install , they ported android 9.0

Thank you for your answer! Much better now! I have to say that I found other tablets with Android and Intel, but only few of them and none over Android 6. Still, 6 is better than my 5. I would have expected to be an upgrade to at least 6. And of course I understand that a higher upgrade may not be possible due to the evolution of technology.
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