Good Morning,
after three weeks, tablet is dead… non way to recharge battery. there are no many things to do.

I must note that the quality does not yet belong to Chuwi. a trivial power problem and the “fabulous” tablet becomes an expensive paperweight …

has anyone had the same problem?


I’ve never seen sarcasm solve a problem.

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alla fine il guasto è sul caricatore, quindi solo il caricatore, per ora, rimane non essere all’altezza delle aspettative, sarcasmo o meno… non mi aspettavo di avere problemi elettrici alla seconda settimana di utilizzo… spero un giorno ci sia l’assistenza in Italia … il prodotto è ricercato.

appena capisco come fare… chiudo il post con scritto risolto…

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Hi Gino,

totally agree with you. I just experienced the same thing, when battery was draining out, the charger was plugged into the tablet before it’s totally off. The battery was not charged, and the charger light indicator is flashing everytime i plugged into the tablet.

Able to contact Chuwi support, but they have limited service center, located only in China and Spain.