CHUWI Announced the Smallest 4K Mini PC LarkBox

Recently, CHUWI exposed a super Mini PC LarkBox, the world’s smallest 4K mini PC. It’s almost the size of an apple. With the Intel N4100 processor, 6GB RAM and 128GB SSD combination, it can suit a variety of use scenes.

An apple-sized mini PC

LarkBox is only 616143mm, weights at 127g, which can be easily packed and carried. It’s almost the size of an apple, lighter than most phones on the market.

Ultra-small size suits a variety of use scenes

LarkBox can suit a variety of use scenes with ultra-small size. As a daily mini PC, it can be placed anywhere and convenient to carry for work. As a home entertainment center, It can connect to 4K TV for high-definition movie watching. Install the LarkBox on the back of the monitor or TV via VESA international standard interface
to make it an All-In-One PC

Suit office work and entertainment perfectly

LarkBox features the Intel N4100 processor, built-in UHD Graphics 600 graphic card, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB SSD. Meanwhile, it supports an additional 128GB MicroSD extension. It can decode 4K video smoothly. With a low power processor, standby power is only 5W. The active cooling fan design makes the model generate no significant heat under high load.

The smallest 4K mini PC

Expect for the small appearance, LarkBox also comes with great comprehensive performance. Its comprehensive performance is equivalent to a small desktop PC, which can provide a high quality experience for office work and entertainment.

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It’s even smaller than an apple. :star_struck:


Seems to be the perfect solution for a mini media station to adopt in my living room. Hope its Price will be as mini as its size. :wink:

Perfect for me, I don’t have much space.

Thanks for giveaway :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

OMG i need that in my life

Really nice size, perfect home theater PC.

Errors in the advertisement:
definately (definitely), Cerelon (Celeron), “covered with every port it can carry” - I don’t get the meaning, decent - do you mean “just OK, but not great”? - because it is what it says, multitask (multitasking), manage (managed), silence (silent), works (work)

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компактен!! круто!!!

very cool thanks chuwi

And I thought that my PC could not be smaller, it is a fantastic mini PC :+1:

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Looks great, would love to own one!

very nice :+1: looking forward to get one

Like many others here, i’d love to know the likely price of this device?

Waiting impatiently!

amazing, i need one, thx for the information!

Beautiful!!! I love :))))))

I want to test It for retrogaming emulation :grin:

Seems great! I want it!!