LarkBox will go live on Indiegogo

Recently, CHUWI exposed a Mini PC Larkbox, which is smaller than an apple. It has aroused a lot of consumers’ attention. Now CHUWI announced that LarkBox will go live on Indiegogo in late May. The price is about $199. It can be lower when it has been launched.
Smaller than an apple

LarkBox is the world’s smallest 4K mini PC. With the size of 616143mm, it can be easily carried and packed. Meanwhile, ultra-small body makes it can be a mobile office PC, 4K TV box, advertising screen terminal, and other purposes.

LarkBox can be placed in the living room as a TV box. It can watch Netflix and Hulu videos smoothly when connected to WIFI or wired network. Equipped with UHD Graphics 600 graphics card, it can hard decode 4K resolution video smoothly.
Adequate performance for office work and study

LarkBox features the Intel N4100 processor, built-in UHD Graphics 600 graphics card, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM, and 128GB ROM. With a low power processor, standby power is only 5W. The active cooling fan design makes the model generate no significant heat under high load. It also features many practical interfaces, which can meet the need of extension.
Smallest 4K mini PC

With decent configurations and a low price of $199, LarkBox can be a cost-effective mini PC to buy. LarkBox is planned to go live on Indiegogo in late May. The price can be lower when it is launched. Buy it through the private link can get more discounts. Sign up can get the lowest price.

CHUWI has released Giveaway activity now. Consumers can participate in the activity to win it.

More information about it can refer to the link.

Can’t wait for it to be put on indiegogo

I can’t wait for it. I’m excited

I’m very excited too!!!

Can’t wait to get mine!