LarkBox Pro is coming

and yes, it’s cheaper than Indiegogo’s LarkBox !
Great, I really fell proud to be a backer… :roll_eyes:


Indiegogo, if you paid before it was released, it was cheaper than what you are showing.

It would have been nice to know and I wish I could have paid a perk fee to get a J4125. Not sure how much I’d be willing to pay, it’s mostly bragging rights since the J4125 only benchmarks 5% faster than the J4115.

The NUC box was announced a while ago with similar specs and looks identical to the Larkbox. The review I read showed that either the J4125 ran hotter or the cooling was worse than the Larkbox. The NUC box performs worse than the Larkbox. We’ll see if the Larkbox Pro has the same problem, it could end up running slower than the normal Larkbox due to thermal throttling.

If the LarkBox Pro works at all, that in itself would be a big improvement over my LarkBox.

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Me encanta. Ojalá en algún momento llegue a Argentina a un precio posible

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