Just got may Larkbox Pro from a Chinese/Hong Kong seller through Shopee app.
It was not advertised aS the PRO version. And when I initially ordered the device, the seller requested to cancel it due to defective item. So I reordered and applied the same discounts. I got really lucky.

So far the device works normally. I hear people complained about the noise the fan makes. Using the Sound Meter app on android, it averaged 40db. It is noticeable when there is no noise in the background. But you wont hear it at all when using it to watch video. And occasionally, the fan would stop when idle. It averages 55C on Idle. Rarely 80ish on max.
Another issue I hear was about the No display problem on Window 10 2004. I’m currently at 1909. The device doesn’t update to 2004. Now, I’m worried that when the device updates that the screen will start malfunctioning.

Please share your experience with the PRO version if you have any. Thanks.