Chuwi change Gemibook PRO from 16GB ram to 12GB, 512GB to 256GB

Hi, can anyone tell me why Chuwi changed the specifications of Gemibook pro, RAM was changed from 16GB to 12GB, Disk was changed from 512GB to 256GB ?? The price, however, remained the same.

According to the specifications, it is then a Gemibook standard and not a PRO version. Question if they also replaced CPU 4125 for 4115 and did not write it.

I just had to buy it and I have already placed an order, but now they want to send me a plucked one

I think this is normal Gemibook, without Pro and it is wrong named.

That’s what I thought too, but the support told me this are the specifications of the PRO now.

Probably decided the profit margins w/ 16GB and a 512GB weren’t sufficient, and if they reduced the specs to be the same as the standard GemiBook except the CPU, they might be able to save some time & money on manufacturing.
I doubt we’ll ever hear from anyone official, but that’s my best guess, although I stress that it is just that, a guess. Very glad I got mine that was 16/512 (which I upgraded to 1TB).