Jasper Lake laptops coming?

So, still happy with my GemiBook Pro, I got it early enough so that I have one of the 16GB ram ones not the later ones that only have 12GB ram. I’m wanting to try out Jasper Lake (according to Intel up to 30% better performance than Gemini Lake at same clocks), and there’s lots of companies producing 12GB 1080P Jasper Lake laptops, but I was hoping Chuwi would come out with essentially an updated GemiBook Pro using Jasper Lake, nice 3:2 aspect screen, 16GB ram instead of 12GB, still a traditional clamshell design. Any chance there’s something like this in the works?

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I look forward to the chuwi jasper lake releases.
Ubook could receive an upgrade in these molds.
16 GB
It would be perfect.