Chuwi Forum Theme is broken

Hello @Management

I see that the chuwi forum have been broken in terms of theme I guess.
Screenshot below.

The header and the navigation bar doesn’t stick to the top when scrolling down. It is the same on mobile view which makes it hard to go through the threads.
It keeps dragging down as we scroll

Also when typing this thread
The nav bar is on the posting editor location.

Here is the mobile view.

Inside the post view.

Just started this thread so other users can share their screenshot for the chuwi forum admin to fix the issue.

Thank you.


I just entered the forum, both on PC and through a cell phone and everything appears correct.
Please, try again

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I’m using the incognito mode of Google Chrome to see if the layout breaks or not.
I don’t have any addons and the mode does not let any of them work.
So, the result was the same as what Spikerguy showed.
It might be a compatibility problem.

Yes I just tried it on Chromium browser which is latest version and it seem to have the same issue.

While typing this text.

I am just doing my part of informing in the forum about this glitch as a responsible forum user :smiley:
It is upto the chuwi admin’s whether they want to fix it or not.

Good Luck.

I have not detected the error you indicate, try with another browser

I tried it in a mobile browser and this is how it looks.

I was able to duplicate the ‘spikerguy’ issue … very odd issue and occurs with Firefox (64bit) for Linux Mint v.84.0.1 and Firefox v.84.0.1 (64bit) for Windows 10 (OS build 19042.685 ver. 20H2) and Chrome v.87.0.4280.88 (64bit) for Win10 (same version) and Edge v.87.0.664.66 (64 bit) for Win10 (same version). Windows browsers tested on Chuwi Larkbox w/ Intel UHD Graphics 600 - driver version I’ve noticed the issue for a while now myself, but never bothered to worry about it … very odd that it seems to perform normally on the phone app but not on some PC applications … perhaps a ‘fine-tuning’ issue within the browser or video driver settings ?

i don’t know why, but i have the same strange problem too, whit all my browsers!


i think it’s because of this css value :slight_smile:

header.d-header {
/* position: fixed; */
box-shadow: 0 1px 8px rgb(0 0 0 / 18%);

and this

main {
/* padding-top: 120px; */

once those values gone, it’s back to normal(at least for me) @Management

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I am browsing the Chuwi forum with google Chrome both through PC and mobile and it does not happen to me. The forum looks correctly.
Try deleting cookies

I had a similar problem right after registering. To solve it, go to settings in your profile, change the interface theme to any other, then you can return the default theme and the problem will disappear. Just change the interface theme and everything will be fine

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Should’ve made the other themes as default

Yes it is a theme issue.

I switched to Shade is Blue and it’s fixes the broken header issue.

Once again community users have found a fix but chuwi failed to recognize it as an issue in the first place.

Good work community users.