Chuwi Herobook CWI-514- Bios troubleshoot

Hello friends,
I’m writing to you with a request for help. Before I describe my problem, I’ll say that I first wrote to the Chuwi (, but unfortunately I did not receive any information, except for an update, which in my case does not work for me. The case is as follows:
I bought a used Chuwi Herobook CWI-514 (Q64G20034288) , but it turned out not to work. I disassembled it, and found that there were some manipulations of the Bios chip. I unsoldered it from the board and read it and it turned out to be almost empty. The content does not look like a Bios (.bin) file to me, because its volume is only 515KB. My request is as follows. Can anyone help with this BIN file because I can’t find anything on the internet. And one question. What it is the original Bios chip for this model exactly . Because here is soldered-Winbond 25X40CLSNIG. Is this the original chip?
Thank you in advance.

Come on people! Will no one help? It won’t cost you anything. Is this forum alive at all? I will wait a few more weeks, and if I do not find a solution to the problem, I will probably have to consider the advice of a friend of mine, who has been advising me for a year to give up this brand forever. Of course, I hope this does not happen.