Chuwi hi 08 pro: installation only windows 10

I have read a lot but I am a bit lost Need help please, can I install windows 10 on hi pro 08 to save space? is there a tutorial? thanks in advance

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[quote="[TUTORIAL] How to remove Android and install Windows on a dualboot tablet (Intel Processors) Download&Tutorial, post:1, topic:1555"]
the media management

yes that’s it, thank you very much so just need to download a windows via the official website ok and for the installation I just have to reboot on it as for a pc

thanks i hadn’t read this post. I have erased the partitions of android in the disk manager and the switch now I uninstalled it I do not have it any more on the office :frowning: it continues with the starting up to offer me the two OS C is a problem for installation only of windows?