Chuwi hi8 pro question

Good morning, I bought a hi8 pro dualbot years ago and I have never updated anything, neither android nor windows.
For a while windows has been asking me to update windows 10 but I can’t find space (I tried with a flash drive but it don’t work).
Do you think it is possible to download the updated version of windows 10 by mediacreationtool and do a clean installation by using a USB flashdrive?
However the windows works quite well, but there is very little free space, I wonder if it is better to leave it like this or update.
As for Android, I have the impression that it doesn’t work very well (the battery lasts very little and warms up enough).

I ask you if you think it is convenient for me to leave it like this or if it is possible / convenient to improve its performance.

Thanks to everyone and have a nice day