CHUWI HI8 super reinstall/ update android - windows Q32G22150602975

Hi all, I found my Chuwi HI8 and back it to life, it’s still working but I can’t remember the windows password and android is still the old version. Can you reccomend me how’s the last update for android and windows Q32G22150602975? I may also be good on just using one of the dual system.



Hello would you mind to make a picture of the back of the tablet so we can see clearly the model and serial number, because we dont have a serial similar to what you wrote us.

Hi, here attached the back cover picture, I bought it here in China some years ago.



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Here also system infos

We dont have updates, is very very old i send you the original files:
Windows:My Files



Flashing tools and tutorials.

Ok thanks! Appreciate it!

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