Hi8: update to Windows 10, version 1903

I am using my Chuwi Hi8 with Windows only (NO dual boot). But the latest Windows update 1903 does not work. For 5 (!) hours I got the message ‘Working on Update 0 %’ on a blues screen - but nothing happens.
Any idea?
G. Kather

The update will take more or less depending on the speed of the processor and the free space on the tablet, since the first process is to make a copy of the existing files to be able to return to the previous version in case the update does not end properly . The progress counter does not advance during the copy process because the update has not started yet.
My advice for these cases of endless updates is to download a pendrive with Windows 10Home multilanguage with the media management tool, and once you have it, on the tablet with Windows booted, go to the pendrive and run setup. In the installation menu, select update Windows

Thanks for the fast answer. Where do i get the pendrive Win10 installation files?

… And are there the special graphic drivers etc. Included?

To find the download site type in the search engine “get Windows10” and the results will be the Microsoft site for download.
As we are only going to update, not install, only the system files will be updated, the drive files of the non-Intel special devices remain unchanged

Io sto usando il mio CHUWI Hi8 Pro in Dual OS, aggiornato Prima a Windows 1903 ed ora a Windows 1909. Funziona Perfettamente. Ha liberato lo spazo sul Disco da 6.6GB a 10GB, diventando più Snello e Veloce.
Ecco alcune immagini, sul mio Blog:
Tablet-CHUWI-Hi8 Pro Dual OS (Android 5.1+Windows 10) 32GB si aggiorna alla Versione 1909

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