Mise à jour Windows 1903 et 1909 sur Hi13

J’ai essayé maintes fois d’update min Hi13 à Windows 1903 (et même 1909) mais sans succès. Tout semble bien marcher mais à la fin il y a toujours la même erreur : 0x8007001f
Est-ce quelqu’un a une idée ?

Not all Windows updates end successfully. In many cases, for reasons not attributable to the PC or the system, these updates do not end correctly. You should not worry because Windows, as long as it has enough storage space, will keep trying and finish correctly.
If, despite this, you want to update your PC, you just have to download a pendrive with Windows 10 Home multilanguage 64 bits with the media management tool (not ISO) from the official Microsoft site. Once you have it, from the tablet, in Windows, go to the pendrive and click on setup. From the menu choose update Windows.

Toutes les mises à jour Windows ne se terminent pas correctement. Dans de nombreux cas, pour des raisons non imputables au PC ou au système, ces mises à jour ne se terminent pas correctement. Ne vous inquiétez pas, car Windows, tant qu’il dispose de suffisamment d’espace de stockage, continuera d’essayer et se termine correctement.
Si, malgré cela, vous souhaitez mettre à jour votre PC, il vous suffit de télécharger une clé USB avec Windows 10 Home multilingue 64 bits avec l’outil de gestion des supports (non ISO) à partir du site officiel de Microsoft. Une fois que vous l’avez, depuis la tablette, sous Windows, accédez à la clé USB et cliquez sur Configuration. Dans le menu, choisissez mettre à jour Windows.

Tried that more than once. To no avail. Windows DOES keep trying and each time, after at least 30 minutes, it reverts back to Windows 1803 with the same error number. There IS something wrong with a driver probably but I can’t seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I refreshed my 1st gen. Hi13 within Win10pro (not keeping any files or drivers) after backing all up to oneDrive. Repeat: I did not use Chuwis drivers but instead let Windows do all the work and choice. I only had to put in that touchscreen.gt file afterwards. Since then, miraculously, the Hi13 behaves like a usable computer. To make it even more responsive, I changed the resolution to 2000x1000 in Intel settings.

But HOW did you refresh your Hi13 with Win 10pro ? Did you install it from scratch via a USB drive ?

The upgrade from Windows 10 home to Windows 10 Pro does not require any operation with a USB. You only have to have an official Windows license, noting it in the corresponding option “change password” within the system options.

The Win10pro licence I just used from a PC that was stolen from me…but that is not the point, it was only to be “omni-correct” in case it makes a difference in install behaviour… anyways, if you use Windows 10’s built-in refresh feature (you find this in win10 settings if you type “refresh” in the search bar), windows will ask you about the extend of your reset or reinstall request and then downloads all it needs. I chose not to keep any data nor drivers nor nothing.

i succesfully install windows ltsc. i have only touckscreen problem: no touchscreen. now i seriously suspect hardware failure.