Chuwi Hi12 reinstallation, all work fine exept the audio, need driver

Hi all,

i have reinstall my Chuwi tablet Hi12 without the dual boot android, i have use the official windows 10 image from microsoft to do that.
After the reinstallation the tactile, the touchpad, the audio and the network was not working.
After 2 days of intense research on internet i have successfully solve the issue for the tactile, the touchpad and the network.
I have get the drivers on this website or on youtube or internet.
But for the audio it’s impossible for me to solve the issue.
Can you please help me with link of audio driver becuase i already have try 4 differents drivers but it’s always the same.
On my device manager, i can see my speaker working but when i play a video or i connect an headset, we can see no audio are working…

thank a lot in advance

Best regards,

I have a backup from my chuwi Hi12 (version Windows Only)
Model version CWI520
Link Available here:

Contain drivers and an app to help to restore driver

Have a good day