Chuwi hi8 cw1509 need drivers / Windows 10 32bits / solo boot

please , i need drivers for windows 10 32bits and windows 10 64bits

config: Chuwi Hi8 CW1509
2 go ram

actually my wifi and bluetooth are totally out

Thanks a lot,

Now i 'm triying to restore dual boot and put android in :stuck_out_tongue:

Myserial number HI8 Q32G22160607223
CHUWI HI8 2GB Model:CW1509

i need many thing like this because link are dead on other forum page

ROM Android (Fr)
ROM Windows 10 (Fr)

at this point of my restore:

Windows 10 32 bits is stable but wifi and bluetooth still out of service (no bluetooth and zero wifi signal, but device is installed and running without error)

Can’t flash android, still blocked at 11% on manufacturing flash tool.

Please contact