Chuwi Ubook X Case - Has anyone found one?

Hello All,

Just curious: Has anyone been able to find a nice case to fit the Chuwi Ubook X (12 inch) online anywhere?

I’d be interested in something similar to this case for Surface tablets:

Doe the Surface 7 cases fit the Ubook X by any coincidence?



It seems from the picture, that the cover slips on the top half of the tablet and it’s stand in some form of strap, to fold out with the cover.

So if the dimensions of the UBook X are the same as the Surface, then it has a good chance of working,

What about this one? Searching on AliExpress should give some results.

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Thanks for finding one.


I just received this soft case for my UBook X 12", and it’s perfect.

That might be a little oldschool, but my wife did this one for our chuwi ubook